Avast Releasing Brand New Avast Cleanup Premium 2019

Shortly after the release of Avast 2018 December Update, Avast is releasing another update. This time of Avast Cleanup Premium and it’s not just a update or new version, it’s complete overhaul of the product. And actually it’s not the first time when Cleanup is completely redesigned, in July 2015 Avast GrimeFighter became Avast Cleanup.

Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 basically merged from the old Avast Cleanup and AVG TuneUp. It combines the technology from both products to achieve even better results in PC optimization and speed-up. Big difference compared to the “old” Cleanup is it’s no longer part of Avast Antivirus, but rather a standalone application, so you don’t need to have Avast Antivirus installed to use it.

As the name suggest you need to pay for the product, it’s not free. The 1-year license costs $49.99, but we have a special 25% discount, so you can get it for $37.49. Or you can also download a free trial version which only scans your computer, but doesn’t fix the issues.
Free Trial of Standalone Application

It also comes with many new features. Probably the most exciting one is the Sleep Mode which allows you to “pause” any program and re-awaken it when you need it. This way you can save a lot of system resources and make your Windows run like freshly installed.

Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 Features

  • NEW Maintenance Scan – Scans computer and fixes issues in registry, shortcuts, system junk, browser cache, cookies, browsing and download history.
  • NEW Sleep Mode – Probably the best feature of the new Cleanup. It shows programs which are slowing down system and you can easily put them to sleep (e.g. pause them), so they won’t take any resources. When you need to run the program it’s automatically awaken.
  • IMPROVED Disk Cleaner – Deletes files from Windows which you don’t need anymore (dump files, setup files, backup files, etc.) to free up space on your hard drive
  • IMPROVED Browser Cleaner – Deletes history, cache and cookies from your browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
  • IMPROVED Software Cleanup – Deletes useless programs, toolbars, pre-installed software etc.
  • NEW Problem Fixing – Detects and corrects common causes of PC problems, like unsafe user accounts, control settings, and outdated file lists.
  • NEW Rescue Center – In case something went wrong you can simply undo the action and restore the previous state of your system.

Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 Performance Test Results

Avast has also run a few tests in their lab during which they have tested both old and new PCs and the results are really amazing. On average the start up time decreased by 75% (from 139 seconds to only 34 seconds), 67 GB were cleaned (not sure from how many systems) and battery lasted 90% longer (175 minutes vs. 92 minutes).

Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 – Performance Test Results

Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 Screenshots

Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 – Home Screen

Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 – Maintenance Scan

Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 – Notification Center

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